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Retreat Your Souls With Our Healing Homestays

Feel Refreshed & At Peace, With Impeccable Comfort

Waking up to misty mornings and bask in the glory of sun rays brushing past the leaves at Hopeland pleases the mind & the soul. Purified air helps in reviving our body & living in the arms of Nature provides serenity and calmness. Hopeland is curated to generate positive health & wellness among people. 

      Why Hopeland?

Provides exquisite environment for healing our mind & soul

Hopeland is the place where you find peace of mind away from all buzz of your city life. Surrounds yourselves in the arms of Nature.

Helps you with mental wellness & stability

Hopeland offers you a day planned full of the various activities like meditation and wellness programmes to provide you overall mental wellness.

Hopeland offers creative & relaxing recreational activities

Revive your soul with activities like Zumba and Dance classes, Yoga etc, all the activities will help relax your body.

Hopeland attempts to provide therapy sessions & personalized counselling

Hopeland offers various facilities of psychotherapy, reiki therapy, and various other therapies to help your personal development and overall growth.

Visit With Your Family

Hopeland is a place where you can visit with your whole family to get a retreat and to improve your relationships. At Hopeland, we have various wellness programmes focusing on different members of your family and your relationships with each other.

Visit With Your Partner

Hopeland is a relaxing space where you can come and give the time and effort that your relationship needs. We have various therapies to create harmony between individuals. Give your relationship a chance to revive at Hopeland.

 Or Just Retreat yourself

As an individual, you can visit Hopeland far away from the stressful daily life & relax yourselves, solve the problems you have about your career, personal life or any other issue. At Hopeland, we focus on your overall development and harmony. 

Take Our Training Programme

Yes we also offer training and internship programmes for Counselling and Reiki therapy so if you are interested, Hopeland’s has an oppourtunity for you. We have stay facility so you can have a pure learning session according to your comfort for those you are from outside Faridabad.

My association with Hope Land has been that of great love and deep wisdom. Dr. Neha and her entire team are set of people different from the mundane boring walks of life. Soft spoken, ready ears to listen, strong shoulders to support, and deeply grounded set of people who have made the place truly full of hope for me.

Pallavi Mehta Machhral

Here’s What Our Clients Say!

Here’s What Our Clients Say!

I had been visiting hope land from last three months for curing anxiety…My experience has been wonderful & the advice, guidance and mental healing by Dr. Neha Malhotra has been very helpful for me to overcome my anxiety & fear. The very special thing here is that you get healing without any medication.

Sunil Nagar

Hopefully, Hopeland is a mystic magically place, it has proven psychological park like amusement parks, wondering & blessed place for mental health. Serenity and calmness provided by sun rays and has good vibes which is available to all fortunate members. Great place for retreating our mind & spreads positive health & well being.

Manisha Lohia